Saturday, November 1, 2008


I just noticed that two of my children are shooting people in the group picture at church.....hmm....maybe we should work on that, Bryan!

Reformation Day Celebration

The Whole Group at the Reformation Day Celebration
Merrick the Carrot
Zetta the Cowgirl
Grady the Soldier
(complete with wings and stripes, compliments of "Uncle Allen", the Marine)

October Fun

The kids before heading off to "Trick-or Treat Street" at the Jr. High

We have had so much fun dressing up in our costumes this last week. We started off the fun by attending Trick-or-Treat Street, hosted by the local 4-H group. Zetta then had a Halloween party at school, followed by a visit to Judy and Allen's on Halloween evening and then a Reformation Day party at our church. The kids, including Merrick, had a blast in costume. Oh, and Merrick dressed as a cow for his first appearance (Thanks, Aunt Carrie!) and a carrot for his second, thanks to our friend Judy, who made that costume just for him.