Thursday, January 8, 2009


Zetta and Grady frequently (every day!) fight taking a nap and today was no different. Grady wanted to play with toys and Zetta wanted to make a poster and some cards for people. I did win. After a bit of a struggle, they both fell fast asleep and had a good nap. Zetta was the first to come down so cute with tired eyes and a sleepy voice and asked if she could please finish her poster. That sounded fine with me, so I sent her to the kitchen table to do her crafting. 5 minutes later she came up to the living room with a pan and a plastic baggie filled with water and other mysterious substances asking me if I could put a rubber band on the bag while she went out to get some dirt. Yes, dirt! I let her know that I didn't think she needed to be filling bags with mystery liquids and making messes in the house, to which she responded, "But you said that I could!!!" I reminded her that she had asked to do cards and a poster and she sheepishly said, "Oh, I guess I got the words kind of mixed up.......I meant potion."

She was so cute (and I think she was actually innocent in the mislabeling of her activity), that I let her go ahead with it. After all, my Mom probably would have let me do that type of thing! She's still working on the potion 30 minutes later. We'll see if it ends up a disaster or a success!


Doing "j" homework with Zetta: "OK, Zetta. What words start with the 'j' sound?"
"J-Jaclynn" (A girl in her class)
"OK, what other words?"
"J-J-Jaclynn......Lynn......Lin-DA......Linda helping hand!!!!"