Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Don't Leave Them Alone

For anyone who may ever watch my kids.......you can never leave them alone. Seriously, don't let them out of your sight! They can mess up any situation in seconds. Today we were only home for about half of the day and they dirtied the living room so horribly that you couldn't even walk through it without tripping on something, covered their bedroom floor with toys, spilled juice on the kitchen floor/stairs up to the living room 3 times, soaked the bathroom floor during a bath and the BIG one......while I answered the phone and talked to Bryan for about three minutes (don't worry, I could hear them yelling and laughing so I knew they were alive), they brought a baseball bat into the tub with them and emptied 5 bottles of soap, bath bubbles, shampoo and conditioner into their bath water. Yep, we're busy around here!

Oh, and I told them that we were going to have to sell some of their toys to replace all of the soap, etc... that they wasted. SO, if you're looking for something just give us a call!


The Votaw Family said...

Good to hear my kids aren't the only ones!

agnicholl said...

Sounds a bit like our childhood. We were a mess!

Anonymous said...

Hey that is the same Santa we have:)

Amy Pound said...

I am not anonymous I just don't know how to post correctly. I have been called a retard twice in the last month.