Sunday, December 21, 2008

More Narnia

The kids....and Bryan are Narnia fanatics. They read about Narnia every night, they watch "Narnia" (The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe) every chance they get and they play Narnia all day long. (I am hoping we get some good Christmas toys so that Zetta and Grady learn to play something else!)

Zetta prefers to play Lucy or sometimes Susan and Grady likes to be Peter, but will play anyone.
A few days ago, as far as I could tell, Grady took the part of the White Witch and I, unknowingly, was supposed to be playing Aslan. I was putting laundry away in their bedroom and he came at me with his dagger drawn and in his best wicked, growly voice said, "I am going to cut you on the hard couch!" Thinking I had not understood him, I asked, "On the what?" To which he replied, "Get on the hard couch and I will cut you!" I know I hurt his feelings, but I could not stop laughing when I realized what he was trying to say. If you've read "The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe," the White Witch kills Aslan on the stone table. Grady had set the scene perfectly, but had the vocabulary a little mixed up!

He is such a funny boy. Maybe I'm a language-development nerd, but I love seeing how a 2-year-old develops - the concepts he picks up, the words he mixes up and his blossoming imagination! I wish you all could see him!


Varna said...

Oh fun! I need to read Narnia to my kids and yes I can appreciate the toddler language. Lulu is obsessed w/ the Magic Tree House series right now. Sadie plays along too but has no clue what she is doing. oh and yeah for a whole night's sleep! Merry Christmas!

Patrick Stefan said...

It sounds like he is getting so big, I would love to see him growing! Luke too still plays Narnia, I think due to your kids, he is always Peter and whenever he finds girls he highly recommend they be Lucy and Susan, but no one does it quiet like Zetta. Miss you guys!