Thursday, April 30, 2009

Grady's Birthday - Past

Grady on his birthday - May 1, 2006

One year old and about to fall asleep at his birthday lunch - May 1, 2007

With that sweet little smile....2 years old - May 1, 2008

Grady's birthday is tomorrow, "May Thuth" (as he would say it). I love all of my kids equally, but it is funny how their personalities affect you differently. I was very strict with Zetta and didn't bend my rules very often.....if I said no about something, that was that, no bargaining, whining, etc....and that worked for us. And then came Grady! He has had this way about him since he was born, a sweetness and innocence (hahah!) that just makes you melt and want to cuddle and squeeze him no matter what he just did. If he asks for something that I surely would have told Zetta no for, he can just look at me with wide eyes and his cute little face and I'll let him have his way! I try not to take him grocery shopping with me because I usually end up buying things without even realizing that he has sweetly conned me into it (mainly Little Debbies, gum and candy). I love my Grady-boy and the arrival of his birthday has made me a bit sentimental. I'll be sure to put up some 3rd birthday pictures as soon as possible. Zetta wanted a butterfly cake. Grady.....wants a tractor, a John Deere tractor......with Papa in it! Oh, that sweet little boy!


Varna said...

Happy Birthday Grady. Yup he looks adorable and delicious too. I know what you mean, Sadie has me whipped and Lucy and I battle a lot! I can't say no to Sadie either!

agnicholl said...

Happy Birthday, Grades!
Love, Aunt Gretch