Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Grady's Birthday - Present

Good morning and happy birthday, Grady! He woke up and got to open one present right away. He was very pleased.

Oh, yeah!!! A light-up Spiderman shirt. He saw it in the store and HAD to have it, so I snuck it into the cart without him noticing. (I don't think I'll be able to pull that off much longer.)

And here is the John Deere cake with Papa in it. I cut out a picture of Grady and Papa O in the real tractor and just stuck it on with some icing. He loved it! I'm so glad, because it was A LOT of work and next year I'm going to do what my Mom did and say, "It's your birthday! Are you ready to decorate your cake?!" I think the kids will love that, too. ;)

Checking out his new Deere Gear

"Is this the last picture, Mom?"

"What are you two doing? The present is in here, not the car!" They had to run past it to get to the car. Silly kids.
We got a good deal on a trampoline, so Grady and Zetta got to split this present. They've done great with far no injuries.....from the tramp. A day or so after we put the trampoline up, Grady did fall head first off of the roof of the playhouse that Grandma Kristy and Grandma Mary bought for Zetta 3 years ago, though. It knocked him silly for a while, but overall the injuries were fairly superficial. Whew!!

Grady and Jenna loving the kittens after a fun night and bellies full of cake and ice cream.


Bryan said...

You forgot one of the best parts. According to Grady, it is not a 'trampoline', rather a 'jumpoline'.

Meliss said...

Happy Belated Birthday Grady! Fun times!