Saturday, August 30, 2008

Grady Rides a Bike

Our friends just gave Grady the littlest bike I've ever seen. It is so cute watching him ride (unless you're 9 months pregnant and you end up having to push him around the block when he decides he's too tired and quits pedaling). Zetta got a Princess helmet set for her birthday, so we geared Grady up in Spider Man. I'm glad we did, because he's not that good at steering yet and has flipped off of the curb a few times already. (We'll have to get a pic of him in action soon.)


Meliss said...

Does it have training wheels? I'll look forward to seeing a picture of him on it!

Meaghen said...

Oh, yes. It definitely has training wheels. We actually couldn't find any little enough for it, so we had to get regular ones and bend them out! They may actually give him a little extra support that way.

Varna said...

Sweet! Sadie has a Transformers bike safety set- ha!