Saturday, August 30, 2008

Zetta Goes to School

Z. had her first day of Preschool this past Tuesday. She loves it! She was a little unsure about it a few days prior, so I showed her some pictures of me in the building and told her about working with kids there, thinking that I could fix her anxiety, which didn't really work at all. She did start to soften a little when I told her they had dress-up clothes.....and when she got there she expected to see them. She came up to me before I left and said, "Mommy, they don't have dress-up clothes.....but that's OK." Her teacher noticed her talking to me about it and was nice enough to go get them out of the storage room for her. The second day there were no problems!


Meliss said...

Are you sure all that lunch can fit in her stomach? ;-) Just kidding. That lunch bag just looks BIG. She is so cute!

Varna said...

Go Zetta! She looks adorable- I think she looks just like her momma! What a big girl!