Monday, October 27, 2008


Spinach is not a popular thing at our house, but boots are! I was thinking about getting the kids boots for Christmas this year, but when we decided to make them a cowboy and cowgirl for Halloween, they got their presents a bit early. They have them on every second they can. Here they are in their jammies....and boots. (I told Z to hold her nightgown up a little so we could see her boots in the picture and Grady followed suit. He's a riot!) Grady is now going to be a soldier, but I think the cowboy boots are still going to be used.


agnicholl said...

I expect to see more pictures after Halloween!

Varna said...

Love the boots kids! The bike-a-thon looks great too, Z looks so determined on her bike.Miss ya'll! Erika was here last weekend w/ her 2 boys! In the boot photo, looks like ya'll put down wood floors? Looks great!