Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Things Kids Say

I think my kids are funny! For some reason I have been noticing lately that they say some of the funniest things. Making note of these things is how I get through the day some times. Here are just a few:

-While I was yelling at the big kids to get their shoes on so we could get Z to school on time, Grady came up to me and in his most stressed out manner said, "So much times I don't want to go to school...ezuh, ezuh!" (translation: ever, ever)

-In a disgusted reference to Merrick - "Again? Again he's stinky?"

-Grady has decided to challenge me quite a few times lately. This one in particular echos in my mind. It wasn't so funny at the time, but I'm softening! Grady said, "You not a boss, Mommy! Only big kids is a boss. So we da' boss!" (Let me tell ya' sometimes it does feel that way!)

-Grady code:
ezuh = ever; buzuh = brother; buhjean = Jeanine; buhzert = dessert; luz = love

-Zetta, Grady and Bryan were watching Bear Grylls (Man vs. Wild) climb up out of a rocky canyon in the Badlands of South Dakota and Z says, "Wow! That looks you think he has to double knot his shoes for that?" (Ah, the mind of a preschooler!)


Cassie said...

Hi, long lost friend!! Between your blog and Chelli's dropshots, I get to keep up on everyone. Sounds like everyone is doing well! :) Is is sad that I didn't need the decoding of Grady's words! Wisdom of preschoolers and toddlers are far beyond what adults' will ever be! Take care of you and your family! Miss all of you!

The Josephs said...

I love little-kid-speak! Good to see a little update, hopefully you'll find some time to rest, soon!

Varna said...

Hilarious! Yes, double knotting your shoes is svery important in mountain climbing! You are right- you gotta laugh at the small stuff to get through the craziness!

agnicholl said...

Okay, I'm a bit disappointed in your lack of responsibility to post pictures and updates. I haven't seen any pictures of Suzy's wedding, etc., etc. Get on it, sista!

Patrick Stefan said...

thanks for the laughs, how are you otherwise? miss you guys!