Monday, October 27, 2008


Zetta's school participated in a fund raising Trike-a-Thon to support pediatric cancer research at the St. Jude's Children's Research Center. She took this very seriously, as you can see. She really wanted to "win" so she could help sick kids. I had to explain that no one was going to actually win, since it wasn't a race, but that she just had to keep riding and do her best. She didn't really get that it wasn't a race, but she and her classmates had fun anyway.

Can you see that her front tire was as flat as a pancake? I didn't notice it until about half way through the event! Sorry, Z.

Oh, and yes, this is at her preschool. She goes to school in the country, on the farm of one of her teachers, so you can see Ms. Beth's house and yard in the background....oh and maybe a little bit of Kansas off in the distance (that's for all of you who like to get those jabs in when you drive out here from your big city homes)!


Bryan said...

For anyone that reads this post, notice Zetta's front bike tire in the 3rd picture. Meg said she didn't complain about it being flat at all, just pedaled harder.

By the way, in case you're wondering - and in the spirit of the political season - Zetta has not yet asked the government for a new bike or bike tire. We'll be taking care of that ourselves, privately.