Thursday, March 12, 2009

3:33 pm Fast and Funny Conversation

Yesterday: Stopped at Sonic after Merrick's Dr.'s appt.; looked at the clock and it was 3:33 pm
Zetta: Mom, how do you make slushies?
Me: With sugary water and ice.
Grady: How do you know?
Me: (Thinking that I really don't know how...) Because Aunt Carrie and Aunt Gretchen used to work at Sonic.
Both Kids: Whoaaaaa! (Like they had the absolute best job in the world.)
Zetta: Where does Aunt Carrie work now?
Me: (smiling and thinking..."Ironically") With a dentist.
Both Kids: Ohhhhhh. (Like that's maybe the worst job in the world.)

....(no real pause)....
Grady: How do you make gum?
Me: I don't know.....with sticky stuff.
Zetta: Maybe with "to-food", Grady. (Have we had tofu lately? I'm thinkin' not.)

...(no pause at all)
What do pilots do?.....Why do cows eat grass?.....What do ducks eat?......
Grady screams: Mommy, mommy don't go in the water, we will drown!!!!!
Me: Grady, there isn't any water over there.
Grady: It's right there! (It's melting snow that has started to run onto the street.)
Me: Grady, it's OK. That's not dangerous.
Grady: (In his most convincing tone) MmmmmHmmmmmm!

My brain about to overload, I look at the clock again. It's just turning 3:35. Can you guys fit that much fun into under 2 minutes? :) I hope so! Have a good day and laugh with your kids.


Julie said...

That is awesome! I look forward to this some day...

Patrick :)

agnicholl said...

He, he! Such creative kids. Too bad you aren't cool enough to have worked at Sonic.

Meliss said...

Very funny!