Thursday, March 12, 2009

What's Going on with You?

We can sum up our week like this: (think the Pepto song)
***Laundry, crying, ear infections, upset stomachs, diarrhea!*** (This chant has been running through my head for days. Ugh.) No, really the kids have behaved pretty well for being sick, but I'm definitely ready to be rid of all germs.

We went in for Merrick's "well baby" check-up yesterday and I knew that he had a nasty cold, but the Dr. took a quick look in his ears and said, "Oh, did you know this ear is infected......oh, and this one, too!" Nope, the bad mommy did not know that. I really saw no sign of it.

Grady had been in for an ear infection in his left ear about a week before Merrick's visit. Despite being on antibiotics, he started complaining about his other ear hurting on Tuesday evening, so I had the Dr. look in his ears, too. Not so bad there, yet! No infection, but definitely bulging and the left one had not completely cleared up.

What am I going to do with these kids? I know. I'm going to pray that their Daddy's flight makes it in safely tonight and dump them on him when he arrives. (Just joking!) I am going to have a good time with some friends on Friday evening, though. (I'm definitely looking forward to it even more than usual.)
Hah! I checked my email after publishing this post and saw this message from Bryan:
"I was gonna call you. Our flight is delayed slightly, it was supposed to leave at 5PM and Frontier is saying it won't leave until 5:40. That means it's 6:40 your time + the 2 hrs of flight time, so I'll be landing about 8:40 and get home as soon as I can after that."

He must have felt my desperation!


Julie said...

yep, i had sick kids and patrick was traveling last weekend - i know how you feel! well, minus the diarrhea. =) i hope you all are feeling better soon!