Friday, March 13, 2009

Get Well Soon, Ms. Juanita

Miss Juanita is sick today, so playgroup was cancelled. This is a big disappointment in our family because we all really love and look forward to playgroup on Fridays. In anticipation of a long day, I began searching for fun things for the kids to do. They've been outside already and are now back in, so I had the crafts and games ready for them.

Grady got out and picked up every last piece of Memory without even being asked. WOW!!! I'm impressed. That has never happened before. He then went on to improvise with Hungry, Hungry Hippos. Since we lost all of the marbles to it, he went in search of Zetta's beads. (You know the little plastic ones that you can make a necklace/bracelet with. The kind of jewelry only suitable for a young girl.) ;) She went into immediate panic mode when she realized what he was doing, but joined in on the game when she gave in and realized that it might actually work! They were actually having fun together! And they've been so patient with one another today. It's so nice!

Zetta is more of a crafter, so she's been stringing beads for bracelets and cutting and glueing and putting collages of stickers together. Her favorites today were foam Easter stickers with bunnies and letters. She wanted to spell her name, but I didn't think we had any Z's left. So, when I told her that, she said, "That's OK! We can call me Gloria, now." Whew! I found a was brown, but it was a Z. (If anyone has any extras, I'll take them.....I don't really want a Gloria in the family.)

So, all in all it's been a good day for us! Can't wait to see what the rest of the day brings. Grady wants to make Chocolate Chip Cookies.......for lunch!


The Josephs said...

We didn't make it to our playgroup yesterday, either. Except it was my two kiddos that were sick, instead of the playgroup leader! Sounds like your kidlets enjoyed their home "playgroup" just as much, or more, than they would've w/ Ms. Juanita.